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Hai Phong - Cat Ba



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Viet Hai Village Cat Ba island is a poetic place, not known to many tourists in Hai Phong. This place possesses charming landscapes, limestone mountains, seas, forests and a rich and diverse ecosystem. Viet Hai Cat Ba fishing village is always a favorite destination for many international as well as domestic tourists who love to experience and explore

Viet Hai village location:

Viet Hai ancient fishing village is a small fishing village, located deep in Cat Ba national park, in Cat Hai Island district, Hai Phong. Compared to other fishing villages, this place has a quite small area, only about 141 hectares with 70 households living. This ancient village of Cat Ba is also known as “island inside the island” because Viet Hai owns a very rich ecosystem including mountains, forests and sea inside.

Viet Hai village history:

Viet Hai Village Cat Ba island has a long history of more than 100 years. Local residence said, in the past, when fishermen went fishing on Lan Ha Bay, they encountered a big storm so they tried to find out the hiding area then suddenly discovered a source of fresh water and settled there. here. From there, Viet Hai village gradually formed today.

Things to do in Viet Hai Village Cat Ba island:

Viet Hai Village offers a range of activities for people looking to explore this traditional rural community.

One of the top things to do is to take a guided trek or bike ride to the village, stopping along the way to take in the stunning scenery and learn about local flora and fauna from knowledgeable guides. Once in the village, you can explore on foot, meet the friendly locals, and enjoy a traditional meal made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You can also learn about the history and culture of the village, which dates back over 200 years.

Another popular activity is to hike to the nearby bat cave, where you can see thousands of bats living in their natural habitat. Overall, Viet Hai Village offers a unique and authentic experience for people looking to immerse themselves in Vietnamese local culture and nature.

Accommodations at Viet Hai Village Cat Ba island:

There are a few options for accommodation in and near Viet Hai Village. You can choose to stay in one of the homestays within the village, where you can experience traditional rural life and interact with the friendly locals.

Alternatively, there are a few small hotels and guesthouses located just outside the village, offering a more comfortable and private accommodation option. These accommodations offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests and are a great base for exploring the village and surrounding areas.

It’s important to note that the accommodations in the village and surrounding areas are basic and may not have all the modern amenities and services that you would find in larger cities. You should come prepared with appropriate clothing, footwear, and travel essentials.

The best time for visiting Viet Hai village Cat Ba island:

Every visiting the fishing village, you will have a unique experience. However, the following 2 times are the best:

  • From February to March: this is spring so the air here is very cool. This is also a magnificent view of the whole village, often covered by magical fog, creating an extremely interesting feeling when visiting.
  • June: according to experience going to Viet Hai Cat Ba village, this is the best time to visit. From the charming, poetic, peaceful mountain scenery to the fresh air, all are very supportive of your journey. Moreover, June is also the season of ripe rice here, so you will admire many beautiful sceneries.


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