Do Son beach,

Do Son beach


Do Son is a small peninsula formed by the stretch of Rong Mountain to the sea with dozens of high hills from 25m to 130m. This is one of the beautiful beaches with the combination between the mountain with thousands of casuarina, pine and palm,etc. and the immense sea with red sediment, all these making up a charming landscape.

In Do Son, sand is red rose at sunset,  iridescent gold in the morning as if there is an interference between heaven and earth.

Coming here, tourists often visit Hon Dau Island resort, where there is one of the largest artificial pools of Asia, bird gardens, zoos, amusement parks, 3 to 5-star hotel, especially the hundred-year lighthouse. Since being repaired, it is also called as “Mini Dalat”.

Do Son is honored to own the first artificial island of Vietnam – Flamboyant Island, located in the resort center, fully equipped with modern and extremely luxurious amenities including: high-ranking commercial center in the middle of the island, artificial pools, dining street, 5-star hotel, villas, marina.

Situated at the foot of Doc Mountain, Ngoc Hai Ward, Do Son District, Hai Phong, Ba De Temple is one of the sacred temples attracting most visitors. Trinh Giang Lord’s wife Temple was visited by King Tu Duc  and  ordained “Dong Nhac Queen – Mrs Trinh Lord”.

Thien Phuc Pagoda is the venue to organize cultural and spiritual activities of people and tourists, pray for a peaceful sky and sea, a prosperous and affluent life. The pagoda is located in a sacred place with the convergence of feng shui,  dragons and tigers. The main hall of the pagoda is turning west. People still believe that this is the most stable direction for the operation of yin and yang.

Known as the home of hundreds of trains making up the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail in the arduous war against American, Green Valley is situated in a green pine forest, Nghinh Phong hill with a magical road. This is considered as the most quiet location in Do Son, the most ideal point for mooring of boats of fishermen after the voyage full of shrimp and fish. The Green Valley is the most ideal and beautiful “walking street” in Do Son due to its quietness and spectacular landscapes.

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