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Do Son famous attractions, Famous destinations in Do Son

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  •  Ba De temple at the foot of Doc mountain at the end of Xam wharf in Duyen Hai ward;
  •  Buffalo fighting festival: pre-qualification round held on June of lunar year, the final games held on August 9th of lunar year, at Stadium of the Town;
  • Three beaches of Zone I, II, and III: from Dai Duong restaurant in the north of hill 72, we can have a whole view of eastern side of Do Son peninsula.
  • Wharf ‘No number’ (unidentified): it is the starting point of ‘Ho Chi Minh route’ at sea for ‘No number’ ships of Vietnamese People’s Navy to carry supplies from the North for the South of Vietnam in the war against American. At present the remain parts of the wharf can be seen at the shore of Green Valley at Zone III;
  • Do Son Casino: formerly, it was Van Hoa hotel – an old building of European architecture with a nice open area and a helicopter runway.
  • Cau Vong market: where you can buy a lot of dried fish, shrimps, tiny shrimps, xa xung, oysters, shrimp paste, shark’s fin, conger pike’s swimming bladder, su fish.
  • Ben Nghieng (sloping quay): at the end of Zone II of Do Son, there are high-speed ferries for tourists to visit Hon Dau isle, Cat Ba island and Ha Long bay.
  •     Bao Dai villa: on the Vung hill, in 1999, Do Son tourism hotel company invested for rehabilitation of ‘Dinh Bao Dai’ (King Bao Dai’s Palace). The palace is of about 1,000 m2 including great lounge where King Bao Dai receipt visitors; bed rooms of Queen Nam Phuong, princes and princesses. There are a dining room, a living room, a reading room, and a wine cellar; Royal Private Kitchen at base floor had been restored to its original state. Visiting here visitors could seat on the throne and try on King’s and Queen’s costumes;

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