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Ho-Dong-Tien Fairy-lake-Ha-Long-bay Ho-dong-tien.

Ho Dong Tien (Fairy Lake Cave) cave is same as other caves if you just look at its gate from outside. Its entrance can be flooded up to one third when the tide rises. The Cave can be divided into three chambers and the way connecting them is very narrow that is big enough for only one person to go through at a time. It’s very dark in the middle of the cave so you need to bring torches in order to discover the cave and watch beautiful stalagmites and stalactites which are everywhere and make the cave become more special. Besides, we can see limestone lofts hanging on the wall, which are relics of geolical history on Ha Long bay. They have been formed for thousands of year so scientists can do research and restore geological history of this area. It’s interestingly that there are small animals living inside the cave where there is no sunlight but nobody know how they can survive.

The second chamber of the cave will lead you to a small close lake with shallow water. The lake was surrounded by lime-stone mountains, where fairies came here for bathing and sleeping according to legends of local residents. Thus, “Fairy Lake” was named for this cave by the locals. In fact, this special landscape has a special ecological environment which is the home of many endemic species.

It’s quite wet and dark inside the cave so the ground is slippery. In order to discover the whole cave, you need to wear nice shoes with a good grip on the ground. You can go to this cave either by kayaking or small boat rowing by the local residents, it will be memorable experience in Ha Long bay.

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