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Elephant Mountain, famous attractions in Hai Phong

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Through Kien An district, visitors will see Mountain Elephant (An Lao district). Mountain Elephant looks like a huge elephant lying between paddy field and blue sky, with an area of more 1km2, 145m high reflected in Lach Tray river.

Traces of historical man of Hung king’s time – the nation builder can be found, of which Dong Son bronze sword and other bronze relics are most special. On 16th century Mac Dang Dung garrisoned at Mountain Elephant to resist Le kings, Trinh lords. Perhaps insurgent troops had been going through a rough road filled with sunlight on the top of Mountain Chi Lai to fairy chess board? Blue stoned footsteps leading into the Hong Voi cave (elephant throat cave), Tram fish cave, Chep fish cave, Be cave, Chan cave, Dau Dong Quan cave… witnessed footprint trace of many generations.

A far-away sound of Wooden Bell of Long Hoa pagoda in a quiet atmosphere takes us into Buddhist heaven. In addition, Mountain Elephant was the place where Phan Ba Vanh set up his flag and rose up in arms to oppose Nguyen Dynasty in 1825. Traces of French colony barrack namely Tuong Son which had been leveled off by Cu Binh insurgent troop in just one night of November 1888 is obvious… History of Mountain Elephant guerilla team is still there…

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