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Hon Dau island, landscapes in Hai Phong

Hon Dau Island named Lighthouse Island as it has a spectacular lighthouse station, sticking with historical vicissitudes. Hon Dau lights by French architect who designed, built since 1892, completed in 1898. It is a 2-story building (now used as a museum), the center is light tower that is like old fortress soared between the islands. Come to visit Hon Dau island where you can leave all life’s worries behind to experience the quiet, ancient and natural landscapes. The most famous destination in Hon Dau island is Nam Hai Than Vuong temple (the General of Tran dynasty). Legend has it that he is the Saint who control and protect the island. Anyones who come to visit the island without respect or try to take away any small things such as leaves, tree branches will be punished. That’s why the trees there are maintained and green, there are some “Vietnamese heritage trees” having date of 500 – 700 years old.

Rung-nguyen-sinh-dao-Dau Ancient-stone-bank-Dau-island Bai-da-co-nghin-nam-dao-Dau Dao-dau-duong-len-Hai-dang Dao-Dau-hai-dang-khuon-vien Dau-island-birth-eye's-view Dau-island-forest Dau-island-lighthouse Dau-island-overview Den-Nam-Hai-Than-vuong-dao-Dau Heritage-of-tree-Dau-island Hon-Dau-pier

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