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High speech boat from Hai Phong to Bach Long Vi island

High speech boat named Flamboyant that transfer passengers and goods to Bach Long Vi island will go to operation within July 2020

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(Haiphongtours.vn) – As news from Bach Long Vi province, the high speech boat named Flamboyant that’s belonged to new building ships project for taking passengers and goods to Bach Long Vi island will officially go to operation within July 2020. This project processed to meet the needs of freight and passengers between mainland and island

Flamboyant boat has tonnage of 220 tons, 52m long, 11m width, height of wing is 4,7m, range of 750 nautical miles, capacity of more than 200 passengers and 50 tons of goods. Included 4 VIP cabins, 56 standard cabins

The boat can operate in wave conditions of level 6, level 7 and wind level 8, level 9. In the nice weather conditions, it takes about 5 hours from Hai Phong mainland to Bach Long Vi and vice versa only

Local authotities said the ship operates will meet the urgent requirements about transportation, freight and passengers between Bach Long Vi and mainland, it helps to improve the social, economic developments, make Bach Long Vi become the logistic center of Tonkin Gulf fishing grounds.

In the near future, the convenient transportation conditions will help Bach Long Vi promote the sea & eco potentials of tourism

During the long time before having Flamboyant boat, the local residents have been taking the fishing boats, cargoes or Bach Long boat of Hai Phong union for transportation needs. However, it totally depends on the weather and it takes about 7-9 hours

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