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Hai Phong, briliant flamboyant greeting May

Yearly, as the periodical dating, the Flameboyant booming everywhere in Hai Phong (the city named after this flower). It’s difficult to say Hai Phong choose this flower as it’s symbol or Flamboyant choose Hai Phong as the inhabitaion.

There are not many people know when Hai Phong to be called “Red flamboyant city”. It’s nice suprise to know this name created by Nam Dinh people (not Hai Phong people).  In May 1970, Nhu Hai poet (born in Nam Dinh, living in Hanoi) come to Hai Phong for joining in Uncle Ho poem event. He felt in love because seeing the living love, dedication admire of cement workers, Hai Phong people and unlimited Flamboyant tree lines.

In that evening, the poem “City of red Flamboyant” completed then would be music spectrum by Luong Vinh musician with in the excitement and mixed with pride of the city

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