Corona virus preventing
Corona virus situation in Hai Phong,

Corona virus situation in Hai Phong Hai Phong Department of Health announced 3 cases of suspected corona virus infection in this locality were discharged from hospital because of negative test results and stable health. In the Feb 4th morning, Hai…Read more

Do Son fighting buffalo 2019,

Do Son fighting buffalo festival 2019 Choi trau Do Son 2019 Being known as one of the festivals imbued with the traditional culture of water rice civilization, associated with the custom of water worship and sacrifice, the traditional fighting buffalo…Read more

Cat Hai fish sauce,

CAT HAI FISH SAUCE Located in the North West, 26 km far away from Hai Phong city center, Cat Hai Island District is complex with a total area of 345 km2 and 2/3 of the area is mountainous terrain. There…Read more

Cat Ba langur, Vooc Cat Ba,

CAT BA LANGUR, VOOC CAT BA Cat Ba langur, the scientific name is Trachypithecus poliocephalus, currently ranked 2nd in the list of animals which being in the most dangerous situation in Asia and the. There are 56 individuals in Cat…Read more

Hai Phong famous song,

HAI PHONG FAMOUS LOVE SONG Em co ve hai phong voi anh khong?   Hai Phong city traces its origin to its 1887 founding as a seaport province by colonist of the French Colonial Empire where many talent of writers,…Read more