Do Son fighting buffalo 2019,

Do Son fighting buffalo festival 2019

Choi trau Do Son 2019

Being known as one of the festivals imbued with the traditional culture of water rice civilization, associated with the custom of water worship and sacrifice, the traditional fighting buffalo festival is held fixed on annual August 9th (lunar calendar).

By the noontime of September 7th 2019, after 14 matches, there are 02 “Mr. buffalo” being recognized to join in the finnal match. Buffalo no 07 of Mr. Bui Xuan Khanh from Bang La ward and buffalo no 02 of Mr. Nguyen Van Trong (Minh Duc ward).

In the final match, with the support of about 20,000 spectators present at the central stadium in Do Son district, the two buffaloes No. 02 and 07 dedicated a very eye-catching match. By a very powerful hit, buffalo number 07 has caused buffalo number 02 to ran away. Eventually, buffalo no 07 become officially champion of festival 2019 and on the occasion of commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Do Son buffalo fighting festival restoration.

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