Bao Dai villa,

Bao Dai villaA famous attraction in Do Son, Hai Phong

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Located on Vung hill (Hai Phong), Bao Dai palace was considered the only palace of Nguyen dynasty in the North.

The palace has a unique architecture and now it becomes an attractive destination for tourists to Do Son.

In 1928, the building was built according to French-style Architecture by Governor General of Indochina, Pafquiere.  In 1932, after his study in France, King Bao Dai was invited to visit the palace and he loved its unique architecture and landscape here; thus, Governor General of Indochina, Pafquiere offered it for him. Since then, it was named Bao Dai palace.

Till May 15, 1955, the last French troops withdrew the North in Nghieng Habour in zone 2 Do Son, Bao Dai palace was run by the Ministry of National Defence.

In 1984, Ministry of National Defence transferred the palace to Hai Phong Tourism Company. Currently, Do Son Tourism Joint Stock Company has managed and renovated it according to architectural model and design in 1928 and begun to open the door to welcome visitors who go sightseeing and relaxing since 1997.

Bao Dai palace, covering 3,700 m2, usage area is about 1,000 mwith two bed-rooms for King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong Nguyen Huu Thi Lan on the ground floor. Next is King Bao Dai’s working room.

Following the entrance leading to stone ladder up the top floor, there are five bedrooms for prince and princess and one room for Mandarin Nguyen De, who was a close person of  King Bao Dai during his tenure. In all bedrooms, the objects still keep intact.

On the ground floor hall, visitors can hire royal clothes and sit on two thrones to take photos, where at the time of the rule of King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong discussed the state affair.

Especially, when visiting the palace, tourists will be told many interesting things with big events in his life of King Bao Dai, the last Emperor of the Nguyen dynasty by tourist guide and enjoy Hue royal cuisine.

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