Trinh Nu (Virgin) and Trong caves,

Trinh Nu (Virgin) and Trong caves, caves in Ha Long bay

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Trinh Nu (Virgin) cave

It is about 14km southeast of the Bai Chay. There is a legend telling about love of a fisher couple. As the girl wanted to be faithful to her lover, she was exiled to remote island by the landowner and then turned into stone in this cave

Trong cave

It is oposite to Trinh Nu cave and associated to a legend. It is said that once the man knew that his lover was exiled to remote island, he was looking for her and come to this area. He saw  but could not approach her. He then used a piece of rock to knock into the wall of cave so that she could be aware that he is around her. He knocked again and again until he was exhausted and died there. Trong cave is also an archeological site fo Soi Nhu culture dating from 18,000 to 7,000 years ago

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