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Kinds of cave in Halong bay

Kinds of cave in Halong bay

Kinds of cave in Halong bay. Most of the islands and islet in Halong bay is limestone. And most of the limestone was created by the shell leftover, that the result of the forming on the ancient ocean floor then raised up from the dept. the limestone become drier and harder. The limestone is soluble, meaning it is easily to be dissolved. After 500 million years of many different weather, the rain brough a lot of nature axit flow at the surface of limestone. That stagnated at the hole or chink, dissolved the limestone and formed the cave.

How were the stalactites and stalagmite formed?

After the cave was created, most of the water went out by someway, the small amount of the same water left in cave carried the canxi liquid of the limestone flow down from the ceiling and formed the stalactite going down. Some of them did fall down to the ground formed the stalagmite going up. Otherwise is 20 million years of tropical warm wet climate, the rain water still support of forming progress.

The geological and geo-morphologic values of Ha Long bay are also shown by various caves that have been formed about 700,000 – 11,000 years ago under three main forms, namely

Some prominent caves in Halong bay:

Thien Cung (Paradise) & Dau Go Caves:

Thien Cung & Dau Go caves are 2,5 km far from Tuan Chau. They are remnant old phreatic  (the entrance is 25m higher sea level)

¨Thien Cung (Paradise) cave is relative to theory about wedding of Dragon’s son with local beatiful girl (was long during 7 days), it’s 3,000 m2

¨Dau Go cave: The place where Tran Hung Dao hide the wooden colums before putting it under seabed to trap the war ships of enemy (against Mongolia)

Sung Sot (Surprise cave):

Surprise cave is remnant old phreatic  (the entrance is 25m higher sea level), located in Bo Hon island 8 km far from Tuan Chau, it take 1,5 hour by normal boat and 15 minutes by speed boat

Cave was discovered by France group in 1901, the first time when finding out the cave, they uttered the france sentence with meaning of extremly surprise, that’s why the cave was named “Surprise cave”

Total 10,000 square meter, 700 steps up, down and inside, devide in to 3 chambers

Drum & Virgin caves:

An old story has it that once upon a time, there were a beautiful woman and a hard-working fisherman residing in a floating fishing village in Halong Bay and falling in love with each other. Living in extreme poverty, she was forced to marry a rich guy in the village. Because of the deep love with the fisherman, she disapproved and fled to a desert cave. On a rainy and stormy day, the woman was so scared that she was petrified. After receiving the bad news, the fisherman immediately rowed a boat to for the girl. He got lost in another dessert cave which was opposite to the cave that the woman stayed in. From a distance, he could see her. He struck a stone on the cliff to inform her of his appearance but she couldn’t listen anymore. Finally, being exhausted and misery, the man was also petrified.

Nowadays, the cave that the boy was petrified is known as Hon Trong (Drum Cave or Male Cave) while the opposite cave was named Hang Trinh Nu (Virgin Cave or Female Cave). Tourists visiting these caves can still see stone statues of the boy and the girl.

Tuan Chau Pearl Isle

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