You can process the bank transfer to accounts below:   (Account owner)

– Vietcombank – Hai Phong branch: 0031000248247  Trần Văn Thành
– Techcombank Hai Phong branch:19037692906014 Trần Văn Thành

– MyPaypal wallet: halongdailytours@gmail.com

The company will provide you with all travel information for free.
2. You can register to purchase travel services directly at the company’s office, via email or phone message. In case you do not come directly to register for the tour but someone else comes to register, please carefully learn about the program from the person who registered for you. You will confirm the specific travel program through the contract.
3. Your special requests must be notified immediately at the time of registration in writing (text message…). The Company will try to meet these needs to the best of its ability.
4. You will have to pay additional costs for special requests in each specific case if met and depending on the quotation provided by the logistics units.
– Guests under 18 years old traveling abroad must be accompanied by their parents, or an authorized person must have a power of attorney from their parents (with local confirmation on the power of attorney).
–  Guests 65 years of age or older traveling abroad will sign a travel health commitment.
– Guests from 70 years old – under 75 years old are required to have a doctor’s certificate certifying they are healthy enough to travel + a health commitment from the Company (requires a relative under 60 years old in good health to travel). according to).
– Pregnant female guests please inform the tour sales staff about your pregnancy status at the time of registration. Note, you must get a doctor’s opinion before going on a tour. Commit to taking responsibility for your health and that of your fetus throughout the duration of the travel program.
5. To register to travel, you need to provide the original: CCCD/CC card, Passport (when traveling abroad) with 6 months validity for visa-exempt countries, or passport with a short validity period. more than 6 months but still has a valid visa to enter the country where you will travel (original copy still valid under the laws of Vietnam, or the country of travel). In addition, for some countries, you will have to prepare additional documents to apply for a visa, the documents will be according to the requirements of the Consulate/Embassy.
1. The price of the tour program is guaranteed for the duration of the signed contract.
2. Price includes details in each specific program.
3. Prices of travel programs may increase during Christmas, New Year, Vietnamese Lunar New Year, April 30 and National Day September 2, or may increase due to objective factors from the External service providers (increase in prices for plane tickets, train tickets, etc.) The company is responsible for specifically informing you about price changes according to each program.
4. Prices apply to children (No additional beds):
– Based on the child’s age: according to the birthday on the passport/birth certificate and the end of the tour/service use. Children may be counted differently in terms of age, height, etc. based on the regulations of transportation, attractions, and accommodation service providers.
– Regulations on tour prices for children apply to each specific tour program. There may be no price for children when using high-speed trains, hydrofoils, low-cost airline tickets, etc. Please find details in the retail customer contract.
– According to regulations, there will be no additional beds for children. In case children want to sleep in their own bed or room, they must confirm at the time of booking the tour so that Vietrantour can reserve the bedroom according to their needs. Additional fees will be charged if any.
You can transfer money or pay in cash directly at the Company office
The deposit/full payment amount depends on each tour program, the staff in charge will inform you when discussing with you.
1. In case the trip is canceled by the Company
The company must immediately notify you and refund you the entire amount you booked or arrange another travel program for you (Please see detailed information about this term in contract for retail customers) and at the same time bear the booked costs and maintain services for customers.
2. In case the trip is canceled due to you
Before the departure date, if you cannot attend the trip for any reason, you must immediately notify the Company directly in writing or send information via email or text message from the confirmed phone number. receive registration in the contract. Note:
– Cancellation after deposit has been made, deposit will not be refunded. If you have paid the entire tour price, you will be refunded the difference in amount from the reservation deposit according to regulations.
– For customers who have paid the full tour amount but there is a request from the customer to cancel the tour, depending on the cancellation notice time, the Company will refund the tour price to you if there is any difference. This level of compensation will be specified in detail in the retail customer contract terms that you have signed with the company.
1. The company is not responsible for civil, economic or service quality of the services according to the agreement.

Thanks for understanding!