Ha Long city – Poem mountain

Bai Tho mountain – Poem mountain


Situated in the center of Ha Long city, with 191 m high, Bai Tho mountain also called Truyen Dang or Doi Den ( Light Transmitting). Under the feudal dynasties, this mountain was the guard post of the northern marine  area. When peace, a lantern was hanged up,when invaders came, the guard fired a wood stack to create smoke to give the signal informing people in the mainland and capital area. In 1468, King Le Thanh Tong, who was also a poet made an inspection tour around the northest region. He stopped the foot of the mountain, and was inspired by the manificient beauty of Ha Long bay, he wrote a poem. Later, he had the poem engraved on the wall of the mountain, this poem and 6 other poems in Chinese still remain. At present, near its foot are located the largest pagodas of Ha Long, the Long Tien Pagoda and Tran Quoc Nghien temple. Notably, the Vietnamese flag was first planted on the top of Bai Tho mountain on May 1st 1930 in the movement of mine-workers against French colonialist

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