Hai Phong Buffalo fighting festival 2022

HAI PHONG BUFFALO FIGHTING FESTIVAL 2022 Despite of raining, tens of thousands people keep coming to join in the excited atmosphere of buffalo fighting festival September 4th 2022 (August 9th lunar calendar). After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19…Read more

Northern Vietnam tour, program 5th, haiphongtours.vn

Northern Vietnam tour, program 5th Nothern Vietnam tours organized by Tuan Chau Pearl Isle Tourist co., ltd. Contact: info@haiphongtours.vn – halongdailytours@gmail.com Tuan Chau Pearl Isle Website: haiphongtours.vn Email: info@haiphongtours.vn – halongdailytours@gmail.com

Corona virus preventing
Corona virus situation in Hai Phong, haiphongtours.vn

Corona virus situation in Hai Phong Hai Phong Department of Health announced 3 cases of suspected corona virus infection in this locality were discharged from hospital because of negative test results and stable health. In the Feb 4th morning, Hai…Read more