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Haiphong deep fried seafood spring rolls

Hai Phong residents are famous as gourmet people. That’s why Hai Phong is cradle of many unique dishes, one of Hai Phong people proud is Fried seafood spring roll.

Hai-Phong-deep-fried-seafood-spring-roll Seafood-spring-roll

It’s regrettable thing if you miss the chance to enjoy fried crab spring rolls which is made of Haiphong fresh sea-crabs whenever visiting Hai Phong.

The ingredients of this dish are easy to find, they are sea-crab, praw, minced pork, egg, mushroom, onion, vermicelli, and fungus.

To make the delicious fried crab spring rolls, the chefs have to choose the really fresh crab, boil it and take up crabmeat. That crabmeat is mixed with pork and other ingredients. That mixture will be packed with rice paper in square shape. When frying, the crab spring rolls have to deep in boiled oil and turn into yellow colors.

The fried crab spring roll’s sauce has to be Cat Hai fish sauce which is added sugar, lemon, garlic, and chili. This roll is often consumed with vermicelli, cucumber, salad, and fresh vegetables. These things help to create the special flavor of Hai Phong seafood fried spring roll.

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