Cat Ba – Pearl Island,

Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba tours Cat Ba – the pearl island is the well-known archipelago in the whole country with a spectacular array of sea and island scenery, it covers an area of 20,000ha in the North-East of Hai…Read more

Hai Phong flower shops,

Hai Phong flower shops Flower shops in the city center were built in late 1941 by Luciani – the city’s Mayor who was responsible for designing and the Chief of Civil -Gochie for designing fine arts. Each flower shop is…Read more

Bao Dai villa,

Bao Dai villa – A famous attraction in Do Son, Hai Phong Located on Vung hill (Hai Phong), Bao Dai palace was considered the only palace of Nguyen dynasty in the North. The palace has a unique architecture and now…Read more

Cat Ba island tour,

Cat Ba island, Cat Ba from archaeological viewpoint Cat Ba’s favourable environment and nature is a good condition for human to settle and live. Therefore, Cat Ba used to be cradle of ancient Vietnamese people. Archaeologists have excavated the remains…Read more

Cat Ba island from legendary viewpoint

Cat Ba island, Hai Phong tours There are many legends and mythologies on this island which have been passed from generation to generation with understanding and sentiment of people living here. The first legend is the legend of name “Cat…Read more

Hai Phong crab rice noodle, Hai Phong tours

Hai Phong crab rice noodle, Hai Phong tours Hai Phong Crab noodle soup  Banh da cua, or crab noodle soup is a simple but very famous dish of the port city of Hai Phong. Was created 700 years ago, there…Read more