Cat Ba island’s nice pictures,

Nice pictures of Cat Ba island

Cat Ba archipelage is 262 km2, located in Southern of Ha Long Bay with population about 9,000. Cat Ba was recognized as archipelago biosphere reserve of the World by UNESCO in 2004. 

There are 367 small & big islands and islets in Cat Ba. Cat Ba means the island of ladies. Long time ago, this area was place where Women prepared the logistics for Men to fight against the enemy. The island where men made defence line to prevent the enemy is Cat Ong island now (3,2 km from Cat Ba island). This  is the idea place for anyone who want to relax, stay far away the busy, noisy of daily life.

Monkey-island-Cat-Ba. Cat-Ba-forest Cat-Ba-Island Cat-Ba-overview Cat-Ba-panorama Cat-Ba-resort Lan-Ha-bay Monkey-island Monkey-island-beach-Cat-Ba 

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